Dantalion Jones

Betty Alice Erickson
“One of my greatest joy is being one of the invisible people who casts stones into the river of time and alters the course of history”.
Dantalion Jones

Dantalion Jones is a mysterious author, lecturer and researcher in the fields of influence, persuasion, hypnosis, NLP and mind control. All we know for sure about him is that he lives in the United States, when he has been writing and teaching his techniques for years; rumor has it that he uses multiple aliases – Dantalion Jones among them – in his activity.

Always surrounded by an aura of mystery, we do not even know Dantalion Jones’ real face. The author doesn’t release any picture of him as, in his words: “I'd rather prove my worth from my work than from showing people my face”.

Keen on and specialist of hidden techniques, Dantalion Jones organizes as well seminars and workshops, but only rarely and with people that have proven to be really interested in learning his powerful teachings.

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